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Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Growth, Hair Loss & Thinning Hair I HSB Labs

Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Growth, Hair Loss & Thinning Hair I HSB Labs

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Recharge, Reinvigorate, Revitalize, Renourish your scalp

Grow Boost Hair care (Shampoo and Conditioner for hair growth and hair loss) will provide the best possible hair results when used in combination.

It is a two step scalp health and hair regrowth bundle designed to encourage new regrowth, thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

HSB Labs Grow Shampoo is the ultimate hair & scalp cleanse. A potent formula charged with energy and rich nutrients that target scalp health and happiness.

HSB Labs Boost Conditioner is your ultimate secret weapon for a hair and scalp health revolution. Powered by this potent combination of natural ingredients this formula is charged with a potent follicle and scalp booster.

Filled with natural ingredients, Grow Boost Hair Care (Shampoo and Conditioner for hair growth and hair loss) promotes scalp happiness and protects against breakage.

We've specifically selected these targeted ingredients for our Grow Boost Hair Bundle (Shampoo and Conditioner for hair growth and hair loss) to give you the longer, stronger, healthier locks you've always wanted and needed. Plus, it's the perfect combination with other hair loss treatments.


Shampoo and Conditioner: 195x48mm

Cream: 40x70mm


Store in tightly closed original container, in a cool, dry & ventilated area away from heat sources & protected from light.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gabe Harding-Davis
Great product and service

The service and support from Albert was fantastic. The conditioner in particular left my hair feeling healthy and soft - highly recommend trying both.

Hi Gabe,

Thank you for your kind words.

I hope that we can be of further assistance.

Kindest regards


Mike Sayers
So Far So Good!

I enquired about HSB product after a recommendation from my GP. I was initially attracted to enquire about the product because it uses natural ingredients.

I have been using the shampoo & conditioner for 3 or 4 months. The volume of my hair has thickened markedly. I am both satisfied & impressed. The products are also leaving my hair clean and shiny. Family & friends have commented before being aware I am using HSB products. I have recommended HSB product to some of my mates. The bulk twin packs are the most economical way to purchase product. I find that I only need a small amount when using both the shampoo & conditioner.

Albert has been very helpful & prompt with questions I have had re: product & a delivery query. I am now waiting eagerly to see if new hair growth occurs over the coming 12 months.

So far so good!

Hi Mike,

Amazing!! We are so happy that we can be a part of your hair health and growth journey. We hope that we can continue to be an integral part of your hair growth journey and help your family and friends as well.

We have some innovative products and services coming soon and we hope to share these with you shortly.

Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.

Janette Evans

My hair was thinning out really bad, it was breaking, after every shampoo the condition of my hair really improves. I have recommended this product and 4 of my family members use now, plus friends. I would highly recommend

Hi Janette,

Thank you for sharing your hair growth journey with HSB Labs. We hope that we can continue to help you and will be launching some new innovations in the not to distant future. Thank you for sharing this with your family and friends!!

Did not improve my hair regrowth as stated

Sadly, I do not see any improvement to my hair regrowth as stated after using the hair growth shampoo and conditioner bundle almost everyday for a little over a month now. I followed the instructions as stated but nothing happened. The only positive is It does give my scalp a nice clean feeling after using the shampoo and conditioner, other than that it did not improve my hair. I am giving an honest review of the results after using this product. I will keep using this product till I finish both bottles and give an update if anything improves.

Hi Howard,

I sent you an email regarding your feedback but have still not received a response so I thought I would respond to you this was as well.

Thank you for sending in your feedback regarding our products.

Due to the lack of progress in your hair regrowth after 30 days, we would like to send you two items that will accelerate your hair growth and scalp health. That being our scalp massager brush which when used with our shampoo and or conditioner will revitalise your scalp and roots and stimulate future growth. We will also send out our hair styling cream which also contains hair growth boosters that will work while styling your hair.

It is well documented that hair growth is also dependant on each individuals genetics as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Our customers normally see some changes within the first 30 days however this can sometimes take up to 2-3 months depending on each individual, which is why we also offer our 90 day no nonsense money back guarantee.

If possible can you please send me a before photo, then any progress photos

We hope that this will help you with your hair growth journey.

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Kindest regards


Happy Wife Happy Life

For many years, my wife has washed her hair on a nearly daily basis. She has developed hair thinning, We would genuinely have hair(fur) balls at the base of a shower every couple of days. This has gone on for over 25 years.
This is the 2nd batch of shampoo and conditioner we have purchased, and I can genuinely say the amount of hair on the shower floor has dramatically changed.
We have taken some photos before treatment, and will take more photos on a monthly basis, as my wife continues to use these shampoo and conditioner. We will upload after 3-4 months to show how effective this product has become.
My wife now washes her hair every 2nd day, and is very happy about the results so far.

Hi Michael,

Amazing!!! We truly hope that your wife's progress photos!!