What Can I Use With Minoxidil To Treat Hair Loss?

Like men, women can experience female pattern baldness, also known as Alopecia, usually shedding around 150 hairs every day. Sadly, when those hair follicles are lost or blocked, they take quite some time to re-grow. So, a priority is obtaining a hair loss treatment therapy as soon as possible.

Minoxidil is generally the first treatment used to try and help in halting hair fall. In some cases, it can even encourage new hair growth. However, there are certain drawbacks to using the medicine, which come in the form of a topical lotion or foam, for all genders but particularly for women.



How does Minoxidil treatment work?

Each hair follicle continues to grow approximately for up to 6 years before ceasing to develop, resting for some time, and finally falls out, only to be replaced by a new hair that grows for another six years.

With premature baldness, your hair cells shrink over a period of time. The thinner your hair is, the quicker it takes for your hair to grow. When hair strands break off, they are soon replaced with smaller, thinner hair strands rather than regular new hair.

Experts believe that Minoxidil works by prematurely putting the hair follicles into the Anagen phase, causing hair follicles to go through the hair growth cycle faster, stimulating growth of new hair.


Benefits of Using Minoxidil for Hair Loss

Minoxidil is thought to be one of the most effective treatments for premature balding or excess hair loss. It can be used individually or in combination with a hair loss shampoo therapy that increases oxygenated blood circulation to the hair cells.

Here are some of the key benefits of using minoxidil:

  • Reduces hair loss or fall
  • Hair cells are stimulated to produce new hair.
  • Medically shown to provide benefits in around four months for females and two to four months for males.
  • Increases the duration of the maturation phase of the hair cycle.
  • Increases blood flow to scalp


Negatives of Using Minoxidil Treatment for Hair loss

Whilst Minoxidil may be beneficial for the regrowth of your hair, nothing comes without its drawbacks. Here are some of the drawbacks to using minoxidil as a hair loss solution:

  • Initially, the use of Minoxidil may result in an increase hair loss. You might feel that the hair loss has worsened during the first couple of months of application.
  • It can be hard to use consistently as it must be applied to the scalp twice a day.
  • Results might take quite a significant amount of time to see apparent results. Some people may not see effects for at least a year. 
  • It can result in unwelcome hair growth on the face and body.
  • It can potentially damage your skin. Cause inflammation, peeling, and redness of the scalp when using this medication.
  • Development of thin brittle hair
  • Hair loss or fall will return when Minoxidil is stopped

HSB Labs scalp and haircare products is a simple easy daily treatment that can be used with Minoxidil and other topical treatments for hair loss to reduce any inflammation of the scalp, improve scalp health and circulation, supply important nutrients to the hair follicles encouraging thicker, fuller, revitalised hair in a shorter period of time. 


Treating Baldness before it's too late!

It isn't easy to accept that your hair may never be the same as when you were young. HSB Labs has a solution for you that is a natural hair loss treatment that can be used on its own or in combination with other treatments like Minoxidil resulting in thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

HSB Labs hair products are SLS, Paraben and Cruelty free. It is a simple, safer, effective way to combat hair loss with none of the nasty potential side effects of Minoxidil. You can visit our website and learn more in detail about hair loss treatment.

Don’t wait. The sooner you address the symptoms of hair loss with HSB Labs scalp and haircare products, the more likely you are to prevent irreversible results and see hair growth return faster.


HSB labs has designed and developed a treatment plan that can be used with other hair loss treatments (like Minoxidil) to help grow thicker, fuller, healthier hair using a blend of natural ingredients, botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals and hair follicle boosters (hair messengers) based off scientific evidence. Forming a dedicated hair growth and beauty strategy. Using our HSB Labs products on a daily or as a part of your regular hair routine will help revitalise, strengthen, volumise, boost and protect your hair during your hair growth journey.


HSB Labs scalp and haircare products provides a holistic targeted approach to hair growth at every phase of the hair growth cycle providing you with thicker, fuller, healthier, stronger hair.


“Inner beauty is great, but fabulous healthy hair never hurts!”

 "New Hair with New Haircare by HSB Labs"

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