Tips for Men on How to Use Styling Cream the Right Way

Hair cream is a product that a lot of men should use regularly. Whether you're just trying to tame your hair in the morning or style it when going out in the evening, hair cream is your best option. However, knowing exactly how much to use and when to use it can be challenging.

We compiled a list of tips for men who want to use a hair styling cream the right way:

Wet, Dry or Damp Hair

It is often difficult to apply the product to dry hair and the hairstyle often won’t hold throughout the day. It is also not advised to apply it to wet hair.

We advise you always use damp hair when applying a hair styling cream. For best results, begin drying your hair with a towel until it is damp and then start styling your hair.

HSB Labs enhance hair styling cream’s unique and novel formulation contains natural hair booster and nutrients to help you hair continue its healthy hair growth journey, working all day and night when used.


How much is too much

Don't believe anyone who says there is no such thing as “you can never use too much hair cream”. The quantity of the hair styling cream will range based on the desired hairstyle and hair length.

It is always best to decide on your hairstyle before applying the hair styling cream.

With HSB Labs enhance hair styling cream only a small amount is required to style your hair with maximum hold. Our product is designed to reduce damaging whilst providing an enhanced look and feel to your hair. Like most great things a small amount goes a long way.


Important Facts

Before adding the styling hair cream to your hair, always rub it between your fingers to ensure it will spread properly. After applying hair styling cream throughout your hair, you can either split your hair with a comb, use your hands to create spikes or use style products like a blow dryer to create the mane of your choice.

Allow your hair to set once you are satisfied with the look.


 Using HSB Labs Products

HSB Labs grow shampoo will not add weight to your hair or creates build-up that makes your locks look damaged and drab. It has been designed and formulated to cleanse the scalp, unlock those hair follicles blocked under the scalp and improved the circulation of your scalp.

Using our HSB Labs boost hair conditioner, you can efficiently boost, clean and renew your hair follicles and boost the growth of new hair follicles with each wash.

HSB Labs growth shampoo, boost conditioner and enhance hair styling cream are ideal for coloured and damaged hair and are formulated for all hair types.

If you experience issues with dry hair, fungal scalp, breakable hair, Alopecia, dandruff or lifeless hair? Try HSB Labs growth shampoo and HSB Labs boost conditioner, which is excellent for promoting hair growth and preserving the pH level of your scalp. HSB Labs hair care range is an Australian made and owned beauty product free of harmful chemicals that encourages a healthy scalp, hair development, stops hair loss and thinning, and combats scalp fungal infections and hair breakage.

The ideal treatment for hair development for you will include amino acids. The building blocks, which makes up your hair. Additionally, look for a hair treatment that includes vitamins, plant botanicals, and antioxidants. Your hair and scalp will benefit from all of these components HSB Labs hair care range has been formulated with this in mind and have combined the best possible hair boosters and nutrients to help you on your hair growth journey.

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