Scalp Folliculitis

Have you heard of folliculitis? It's an inflammation of the hair follicles, caused by either a bacterial or fungal infection. It occurs when the follicles become damaged and can happen on any part of the body with hair. Fortunately, it isn't contagious and can usually be treated at home, however if left untreated, it may spread and cause permanent hair loss or scarring.

If you're noticing small, red bumps around your hairline that look similar to an acne breakout, it could be folliculitis. These bumps may spread to other follicles and get larger and more inflamed. You may also experience other symptoms like clusters of tiny red bumps with white tips, sores with yellowish-brown scabs, sores that drain pus, itching, burning or stinging, pain or tenderness.

It is important to know that folliculitis can be caused by damage to your hair follicles. Things like frequent scratching, tugging on your hair, wearing tight hairstyles, regular wearing of hats, shaving your head, or using too many hair products can all cause hair damage. If you suffer from acne or dermatitis, have coarse or curly hair, have a weakened immune system, or take certain medications for acne you're even more at risk of hair damage and folliculitis.

If you think you might have folliculitis, the first thing to do is stop anything that may have caused it. So, if you shave your head often, take a break from it for a few weeks and see if that helps. Additionally, you could try using a warm compress or cloth a few times each day to soothe your scalp and drain any pus. Washing the area with an antifungal or antibacterial soap could also help, as well as using an anti-dandruff shampoo. Applying an antibiotic cream or ointment may also be helpful. Remember to only use lukewarm water when washing your scalp and hair so as not to further irritate the scalp.

Once your condition has cleared, make sure you maintain good scalp hygiene. You should be washing your scalp frequently with a quality hair treatment like HSB Labs Shampoo and Conditioner to prevent any extra oils or hair products from clogging up and irritating your hair follicles.

It’s important to note that choosing a shampoo may take trial and error. You also need to consider your hair type and colour.

When choosing a hair and scalp treatment, look for a colour safe shampoo that contains hydrating and soothing ingredients for the scalp while gently cleansing the scalp.

  • It should not contain harsh Sulfates, Parabens and other chemicals that can damage hair.
  • Ingredients like Panthenol, Vitamin C, Peppermint oil and Kangaroo apple extract can help moisturise and refresh the scalp while reducing inflammation and flakes. The treatment should also contain Biotin and other botanicals to nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the hair,
  • As well as essential oils like Peppermint oil that has antifungal properties.

In summary, look for a hydrating, soothing and natural shampoo with key ingredients that hydrate, nourish and refresh the scalp and hair follicles.

Hair conditioners can help improve folliculitis by making the hair softer and more manageable. In addition to using conditioners, avoiding hair products that can dry out the scalp is also important. Using conditioners and avoiding drying products can help keep the scalp moisturised, reducing oil production and folliculitis.

That is why HSB Labs Grow Shampoo and Boost Conditioner has been formulated with these ingredients and can be used as part of a daily hair program to help restore the moisture and health of your scalp and hair follicles. This gentle cleansing treatment provides additional support to any treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Are you suffering from folliculitis? If so, then the HSB Labs Grow Hair Treatment Program is just what you need! Our medicated shampoo is perfect for cleansing and refreshing your scalp, and our conditioner will nourish and protect it. For the ultimate scalp health boost, you should also try out our Scalp Massager - it helps improve circulation and release tension. With these products working together, you'll be able to soothe your scalp and get rid of that pesky folliculitis before you know it!

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Good scalp and hair days ahead!!”

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