Scalp Care and Dandruff

Most people are only aware of dandruff when they notice white flecks on their shoulders and clothing. Most also aren’t aware of several dandruff symptoms, like an itchy scalp or hair loss.

Dandruff is a very common scalp condition that causes microscopic flakes of dry skin to peel from the scalp. You may detect flakes on your hair, shoulders, and clothes. Dandruff can also irritate your scalp becoming inflamed and sometimes infected. The most typical symptom of dandruff is an itching scalp, which is brought about by loose visible flakes (or the dead skin cells of the scalp). During the cooler seasons, when the air is dry, white, greasy flakes commonly form in your hair and on your shoulders.

Many people assume that inadequate grooming causes dandruff; however, this may not the case. Dandruff might become more visible if shampooed infrequently as it causes a build-up of dead skin cells. HSB Labs grow shampoo and boost conditioner is an effective and safe technique to treat and control dandruff.



What Causes Dandruff?

There are a few common causes of Dandruff. Skin that is oily and inflamed may cause seborrheic dermatitis, a severe form of dermatitis. 

Our skin's top layer is continuously removed and regenerated. Skin cells on the scalp may stay together as a result of some inflammation. When huge clumps of skin cells shed together, noticeable flakes may appear on the shoulders or the scalp. Malassezia is a yeast infection that produces dandruff. While other fungi can be hazardous, this causes the skin's lipids to break down. However, if there is too much of this fungus, many problems may arise. It can leave a residue of oleic acid, which may irritate your skin. As a result, you may experience a dry scalp and dandruff flakes.


How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

Here are some of our recommendations on how to avoid dandruff.

Find the ideal hair care for your scalp. Shampoo and condition your hair and scalp frequently enough to keep your hair oil-free, do not overuse hair products since this might irritate your scalp. If you are looking for the best treatment for scalp care and dandruff, check out HSB Labs hair care package. All the hair products by HSB Labs are natural, effective & safe.

Make every possible effort to avoid touching your hair & scalp, especially if it's already itching. Scratching your scalp can aggravate the discomfort, creating a vicious cycle. According to studies, constant exposure to the air, particularly in areas with cleaner air, can lessen oil accumulation on the scalp.



Itching your scalp because of dandruff is a very common issue. Scratching is the most common reaction due to the itchiness dandruff causes. It typically results in scratch marks all over the scalp and has the potential to lead to hair loss. To help handle this condition, you need to use a hair treatment, which is ideal for your scalp.

HSB Labs offers the best possible Scalp care and dandruff treatment. HSB Labs grow shampoo and boost conditioner will deeply cleanse, stimulate and rejuvenate your hair follicles with a combination of selected active ingredients and a unique Indigenous active component. It will moisturise and restore your scalp and repair & strengthen your hair. Protect your hair from dandruff by creating a happy healthy scalp. 


HSB Labs products are made using natural components. Our product has no harmful chemicals and provides nutrients to the scalp. Our natural products have given the optimum results to our customers throughout the years.

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