PCOS-related hair loss: Effective Treatment Options for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It can be a physical and emotional burden for those dealing with it. To better understand how to address the issue, it is important to understand why hair loss occurs and what can be done to manage it.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone imbalance that can lead to female pattern baldness. Symptoms of this imbalance may include thinning hair, hair loss, limp hair, dry hair, and hair that breaks easily. Treatment for this condition typically involves balancing hormone levels as well as addressing other factors such as extreme temperatures, chronic infections, taking certain medications, anaemia, lack of vitamins, and stress. A gynaecologist and endocrinologist can provide a set of complex investigations to determine the best course of treatment, while a trichologist can prescribe a treatment to restore hair follicles.

People with PCOS may experience hair loss in the form of entire follicles coming out of the root, as well as breakage of the hair due to dryness. This can cause visibility in the scalp at the crown and hairline, frizz, dryness, itchiness, build-up, dandruff, finer hair, and difficulty styling without product. The most common area of hair loss with PCOS is the frontal-parietal region and the middle of the head which thins out.

Hair loss from PCOS can be reversed if the underlying cause (hormonal imbalance) is remedied. Diagnosis of PCOS takes clinical symptoms, ultrasound, and blood tests. To avoid critical hair loss in PCOS, treatment should help balance hormones with medication and consultation with a gynaecologist and endocrinologist, and revive hair follicles with a targeted hair health approach. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle of exercise, low-carb diet, and stress management practices may be part of treatment.

PCOS hair loss treatments are available and may include over-the-counter remedies, hair treatments, vitamins, and consulting with a hairstylist or healthcare provider for additional assistance. It is important to treat this issue in a comprehensive way, taking into account both external treatments like proper hair care, and internal treatments such as diet and exercise, and possible medications. Results of hair treatment may take up to a year and treatments must be kept up until full restoration of hair health is achieved. Hormone imbalances may be addressed by balancing hormone levels, and a healthy diet with vitamins, minerals, and supplements may be recommended by a healthcare provider for optimization of hair health. Iron deficiency is a common cause of hair loss, and those with PCOS typically have lower ferritin levels. Eating iron-rich foods or taking iron supplements may help to address this.

When choosing hair care products, it is important to look for those free from wax and mineral oils. Products containing hydrolyzed proteins and B vitamins may be beneficial for the hair. HSB Labs Hair care range has been formulated with these essential ingredients to help restore the health of your hair and scalp. Heat from blow drying, curling and flat irons, and chemical from hair dyes, perms, straighteners and relaxers can damage weak hair.

Using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can help keep damaged and colour-treated hair healthy. Additionally, shampoos designed to encourage new hair growth may also be beneficial for thinning hair. Other remedies to help promote healthy hair can include using natural scalp massagers which are softer and gentler on hair than traditional synthetic brushes. It is important to avoid tight hairstyles, such as high ponytails or buns, which can put excess pressure on the hair and cause breakage.

Adding supplements such as biotin and keratin to a vitamin regimen is a popular way to help treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It is important to speak with a health care provider before beginning to take any supplements or adjusting the PCOS treatment plan, as it is possible to ingest too much, which can lead to other health issues. Additionally, the quality of vitamins can vary between brands, so it is important to choose high quality supplements with minimal filler ingredients.

Hair loss can negatively affect daily activities, hobbies, and relationships and should not be underestimated in terms of medical problems. Tests to assess hormone levels can determine if PCOS is the cause of the hair loss. If it is, there are treatment options available, such as controlling PCOS and treatments for hair loss. Ultimately, talking to a health care provider can help find the best solution for managing PCOS and treating hair loss.

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