How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

On average, a person loses around 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. This is quite normal. Hair shedding is a part of the natural hair growth cycle, which means noticing hair on a hairbrush or while taking a shower is not a major cause for concern.

However, if the hair loss strand count is more than 100, it is a possible sign of hair loss. This may be caused by excessive stress or other health issues or conditions.

Because of this, we encourage you to start paying attention to your hair care routine and take the necessary steps to reduce your hair loss or hair fall. We believe that understanding your hair regrowth cycle will be most beneficial.

The hair passes through three stages - Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. In the telogen state, around ten percent of hair is prepared to fall out naturally so that the regrowth of new hairs can occur.

Our hair continues to function in this cycle for your whole life.

In addition to these phases, there are some other phases that one goes through when hair sheds more than normal.

For instance, seasonal shedding occurs when a change in temperature activates the hair follicles and causes them to enter the shedding phase. If you feel the amount of hair you are losing is excessive, immediately look for the remedy or consult a medical professional.


What Causes Hair Loss?

Typically, hair loss occurs because of hormonal changes, metabolic disorders, thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, childbirth, excessive weight loss, stress and more.


How To Prevent Hair Loss?

There can be various reasons for hair loss so, it is essential to see a medical professional so that they can figure out the root cause.

However, you can always try out the below-listed techniques to maintain healthy follicles and scalp first:

  • Make sure your diet contains sufficient Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D.
  • A healthy scalp is extremely important, so keeping a healthy environment enhances the hair growth rate. We advise you wash your hair daily or at least four times a week. This will help to avoid any build-up of sweat, sebum, oils, debris, and other hair styling products used.
  • Try not to avoid regularly using tight hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, and braids. The stress these hairstyles place on the follicles often leads to hair loss. It is also recommended you gently brush your hair with a soft brush or with a detangler to avoid hair fall.
  • You can try the hair growth product range by HSB Labs that will enhance the growth of your hair, improve the health of your scalp. We know that hair is a complex thing that requires a lot of care, removal of stress and nourishment.
  • Keeping this in mind, you should always use products that are tailored to fulfil your needs. You can use HSB Labs Hair Growth Shampoo and Booster Conditioner combined with our Enhance styling cream for the best as a treatment for your hair loss.



It is essential to remember that there are reasons why your experience hair fall, hair thinning or hair loss. This is often why DIY remedies may not work for you.

It is very important to take the appropriate steps and opt for some hair growth treatment. Without wasting much time, give HSB Labs a try!

Let us help you begin your hair growth journey.


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