Hair restoration and growth products that are cruelty free

Hair loss is a common problem for many people. It is important to understand the underlying causes of hair loss in order to make the best choice for encouraging hair regrowth. Common causes of hair loss include lack of nutrients, dehydration, dry skin, excessive use of hair styling products, and stress. The internet is a great source of information and products to help with hair growth, but it is important to make sure the sources are trustworthy.

Combining natural ways, products and effective hair growth products can help address the root cause of hair loss. If this approach does not produce any results, other options such as hair transplantation can be explored.

Hair Restoration has become a popular solution for those concerned about their hair loss. The procedure involves transferring hair follicles from the healthy parts of the scalp to the thinning or bald area. It usually results in a lifetime of hair growth, though there may be a delay of six months to one year before the regrowth begins. There are two main types of Hair Restoration available: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

One of the major disadvantages of hair transplantation is the presence of horizontal scars on the back of the head.

It is not necessary to resort to Hair restoration for thinning hair, as there may be curable causes. When choosing hair growth products, it is important to read the ingredients and avoid those like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycols (PEG), formaldehyde, triclosan, Dimethicone, Retinyl palmitate, and toluene.. Vegan and cruelty free products are popular when it comes to hair care.

Grow Shampoo by HSB Labs can help cleanse and revitalise your scalp. It is made with Kangaroo Apple Extract which helps to destress and repair the scalp. It can also be used to get rid of dandruff. Boost Conditioner by HSB Labs delivers all the essential nutrients for a healthy strong scalp providing the ultimate environment for hair regrowth and thickness. It is made with a Acetyl Tetrapeptide a hair follicle booster that stimulates regrowth and the activation of new hair follicles.

Finally, the use of cruelty free products is so important as it ensures the highest possible quality products and results.

Don't put it off any longer! By acting now and using HSB Labs scalp and haircare products to address the symptoms of hair loss and hair thinning, you're more likely to prevent irreversible results and you can be guaranteed to experience faster hair growth. With daily use of our HSB Labs products as part of your regular hair routine, you'll get healthier, stronger locks that are revitalised for a voluminous boost! We understand how difficult and upsetting it can be to lose your hair – many people view it as part of their identity. Let us help you on the journey to having incredible looking hair – because inner beauty is great but fabulous healthy hair never hurts!


Good scalp and hair days ahead!!”

 “New Hair with New Haircare by HSB Labs”


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