Female Hair Loss

How to regrow thinning hair female?

Normally we all lose around fifty to a hundred hair strands every day, normally our hair grows in phases to restore itself and the lost hair strands. If you have noticed a higher amount of hair loss, your concern could be whether you are turning bald, losing excess hair, or your hair is becoming brittle, weak or thinning.

Females lose hair in the same manner as males do, whether temporary or permanent. You may even develop a bald patch on the crown of your head, thinning at your part or a receding front hairline, which tends to be uncommon in females.

However, there are many reasons for hair loss in females varying from medical conditions (over 30 known) to stress, fatigue, medications and other variables such as diet. Genetics also plays an important role in hair loss. It can be very difficult pinpointing a specific cause to hair loss. Specialists in hair loss recommend that you get checked for thyroid issues and hormonal disorders as a starting point. When the underlying reason is treated, hair frequently regrows. However, finding the underlying cause can be a lengthy difficult process with further hair loss occurring and or accelerating.

 How to regrow thinning hair

 Stress, food, and other lifestyle variables play an important part to hair loss. While we can not influence our genetics, we can modify over our habits which will help regrow thinning hair. Here are some of the recommendations by hair experts that will help you regrow your thinning hair.

Reduce your stress levels

Studies have shown that significant psychological stress, may result in hair loss. Stress causes hair to go into the dormant "sleeping" phase, resulting in thinning and the development of weak brittle lifeless hair. These are the same symptoms that most women face after childbirth (Postpartum Hair Loss) or after undergoing major medical surgery. These individuals often experience faster hair loss particularly along the forehead. Finding stress-reducing practices, such as meditation, yoga, going to the gym, eating well and proper sleep is critical to reducing the speed of hair loss.

HSB Labs hair loss treatments also contain Kangaroo Apple Extract, an innovative indigenous fruit extract that has been shown to reduce stress levels directly on the scalp further improving scalp and hair health, resulting in quicker longer lasting hair growth than normal.

Foods with Protein and Iron

Protein and more importantly Amino Acids are essential for healthy hair growth. Meat, fish, chicken, and lentils are all excellent sources of protein. Iron is also crucial; a lack of iron can result in anaemia, which can cause excessive hair fall. This type of hair loss may be reversed with the right diet and supplements. Calcium is also required for the development of good strong healthy hair.

HSB Labs hair loss treatments have incorporated Collagen Amino Acids and Calcium Panthenol to assist with the direct nourishment and development of thicker healthier hair due to any of these deficiencies.  

Consider taking a multivitamin.

Several multivitamins on the market have been recommended to regrow your thinning hair if your diet cannot deliver enough of the necessary nutrients to your scalp.

HSB Labs has formulated a 3 stop hair growth program that also delivers these nutrients directly to the scalp to help get to the root of your hair problems.

Use a regrowth Shampoo & Conditioner

With a holistic approach to hair care delivering Scalp calming ingredients, DHT Blockers, Essential nutrients, Botanical extracts, Peppermint oil and Hair growth boosters, HSB Labs Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Massager is our top pick for female hair loss. It enhances the proper flow of oxygen, nutrients, boosters to your hair roots and promotes the active growth stage of hairs without the nasty chemicals.

HSB Labs products are Paraben free, SLS free, Cruelty free, Australian made and loaded with Natural ingredients that work.

Use of Essential oils

Essential oils have been shown to be a good natural remedy for hair loss. A few oils out there have proven to be extremely effective in countering hair loss. According to recent trials, almost 70% of people in the group saw improvement in treating hair loss with Peppermint oil in a combination of olive or avocado oil compared to synthetic treatments. For this reason, HSB Labs has Peppermint oil and Vitamin E oil as one of its many hero ingredients in its hair growth treatment programs.

Peppermint Oil has been found to improve scalp circulation, alleviate dry skin and scalp conditions and also provide an invigorating refreshing feeling and sensation after use.



With the constant worry of not knowing for sure whether your hair will be growing back or returning to feeling thicker, fuller, stronger and healthier. We would like to advise anyone to use HSB Labs hair growth products as a more effective hair care solution!

Don’t wait. The sooner you address the symptoms of hair loss with HSB Labs scalp and haircare products, the more likely you are to prevent irreversible results and see hair growth return faster.

Female hair loss is normal and now, so is treating it. Whether you are noticing more hair on your brush or thinning near your part, HSB Labs has got you and your hair covered.

Let HSB Labs help you restore and repair your hair by getting to the root of your hair problems


Good scalp and hair days ahead!!”
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