Eczema Hair Loss and how to treat it

In Australia, more than 2 million individuals have eczema and almost 6 million Australians will suffer from the bothersome condition of eczema. It is characterized by scaly, itchy, and reddened skin. Commonly, this chronic dermatological disorder affects the hands, elbows, upper chest, and knees; nevertheless, it can appear on any part of the body – as in the scalp. In this article we will look into further information about scalp eczema and also how it relates to hair loss associated with this condition.

Scalp Eczema

Seborrheic dermatitis, the most typical form of scalp eczema, usually appears as red and flaky patches on the scalp. In addition, it may make the scalp feel waxy or greasy, and often contributes to dandruff. Along with inflammation, itching and dryness of the scalp can also result.

Having a healthy scalp is key for healthy hair, however scalp eczema can make it difficult for new hair to form due to the inflammation it causes. If you scratch or pick your scalp as a result of the itchiness, it can cause damage to the follicles, leading to inflammation and breakage of hair. This could result in hair loss or bald patches, but usually this is only temporary and once the condition is improved, the lost hair will grow back.

It's unclear what exactly causes eczema, but certain triggers are thought to be at the root of it. Some of the most common culprits include chilly temperatures, stress, sweat, chemicals in shampoo or soap, and allergens such as pet fur and fabrics that can irritate the skin.

At present, there is no way to totally cure scalp eczema; however, certain strategies can help to manage and control symptoms in order to prevent hair loss.

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