Best New Treatment for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is common among both all genders, although balding and extreme hair loss is more common in men. In fact, over two-thirds of men experience some form of hair loss by the age of 35 and around 85% of men over 50 experience hair loss and thinning hair, which is sometimes exacerbated by diet, stress, hormonal imbalances, and familial genetics.

Women can experience thinning hair and hair loss as well which can also be just as concerning and socially debilitating. So many people suffer in silence spending thousands of hard end dollars with little or no success, but HSB Labs hair treatments can help you win the battle of hair loss and thinning by providing you with products and tips that promote sustainable scalp health and hair growth.



Here, are some ways to prevent hair loss, how to treat hair loss and the top products including hair growth spray that you can try at home.


How to Prevent Hair Loss

The first step toward preventing or treating hair loss and fall is to avoid harsh chemicals, be gentle with your hair and consider your diet and lifestyle. 


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Whether you colour your hair on a regular basis or use harsh styling products on your hair every day, these habits can contribute to hair loss. Try a new hairstyle that doesn’t require you to use harsh chemicals and use a hair styling cream that is formulated to be gentle on your hair, is water based, has a great hold, is easy to wash out and is loaded with nature booster and nutrients that will continue to nourish your hair. We developed our HSB Labs Enhance Styling cream for this very reason.


Be Kind

Tugging and pulling at your hair can also contribute to hair loss. Whether you’re rough when brushing or washing your hair, consider leaving your hair loose and remember to be gentle with it to prevent hair loss.


Consider Your Diet and Lifestyle

Making sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet is a key component to having strong hair. Essential vitamins and minerals with collagen, biotin and zinc are all incredibly helpful. Additionally, reducing stress can also help to prevent hair loss. HSB Labs Shampoo and Conditioner treatment has this in mind and has formulated their products to contain the best possible nutrients, collagen, anti-stress cofactors, and hair follicle boosters targeting your scalp and hair whilst enhancing in any changes to your diet


How to Treat Hair Loss

If you’ve done your best to prevent hair loss and still notice your hair beginning to thin, it might be hereditary or due to other, more serious conditions. We advise you always speak to your health professional if you’re worried about your hair loss. 

Still, here are a few options when it comes to treatment for hair loss. 



Medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride can be useful in treating hair loss. Minoxidil comes in the form of foam, hair growth spray or an oral treatment and medically stimulates your hair follicles. Finasteride, on the other hand, is formulated specifically for men and comes in the form of a pill to help your hair grow faster.



Hair transplant surgery is another option where a dermatologist can remove hair where it’s growing thicker on your head and transplant it to the spots where you might be balding. This treatment is quite painful and will require you to take some form of pain medication.


Lifestyle Changes

Excess stress and other hormonal factors could contribute to hair loss. Thereby dealing with your stress and perhaps making a few lifestyle changes could help to treat your thinning hair. Not to mention, avoiding styling products that use heat or harsh chemicals can help to prevent hair loss and breakage as well.


Hair Growth Products

HSB Labs hair treatment is a great hair growth solution scientifically formulated to look after your scalp heath and the health patients experiencing all types of lifestyle solutions that could be the possible cause of hair loss or fall.


100% Aust Owned and made using a with premium blend botanicals, vitamins, minerals, amino acid, natural anti stress, and follicle boosters, our Growth/Boost/Enhance treatments stimulates your hair’s regrowth to help you maintain longer lasting thicker, healthier happier hair once and for all. 

HSB Labs hair treatment will be all you need for your strongest thicker healthier hair ever. HSB labs hair treatment can be used in combination with all the other medicated hair loss treatments like topical minoxidil, oral hair loss treatments and has shown to significantly increase hair growth, thickness, fullness, and scalp health

To improve your hair and treat your hair loss from the inside out, you may want to consider taking specialised supplements contain collagen, omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as biotin for fuller, shinier hair by giving your locks the vitamins and nutrients they need. 

“Inner beauty is great, but fabulous healthy hair never hurts!”

“New Hair with New Haircare by HSB Labs”

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